These are a few questions that are commonly asked about the BitRaider technology.

What is the BitRaider technology?

The BitRaider technology is a licensed software tool set that gives publishers and portals the ability to allow customers to use their software with only a small fraction of it being delivered to start. They can do this without modifying the original game.

Does BitRaider also do the network delivery?

No. BitRaider only licenses the software technology. It does not provide the servers, or CDN services to actually deliver the data to the end consumer.

Will BitRaider run the same for every title?

Like any tool set, this depends on the network provider and implementation by the publisher or developer.

Are all software packages implemented the same?

This really depends on the decisions made by the licensing company. There are many routes that can be taken as to which components are used and which components are not.

Can I get BitRaider running with my indie or open source game?

Drop us a line, we are all about helping the community grow in any way we can. BitRaider was built from the ground up with this in mind.

I'm running into issues, where can I get support?

The primary support avenue is always with the company that licenses the technology. That said we will be opening up an area for people to help us cover all the edge cases they have seen. Its a big world out there, and no 2 PCs are alike. Almost every delivery system ever written has had to deal with the differences in networks and systems, unfortunately no one is immune to it.

Does BitRaider do regular updates? Where can I learn about some of them?

We actually do regular updates, however these are not published to the open community. We are looking at ways to keep people more informed, and help close the feedback loop.

I have some ideas, or I would love to see this running with my favorite game, how can I contact you guys?

Once we get our community section up and running, we would love to hear back from you. We are a stable, steady growth company, and we want to make sure we are always making continual progress.

Does the BitRaider system keep running when im not playing my game?

No. It was designed to completely unload itself (driver and all). We hate things that clog up our computers when we're not using them.

What does BitRaider do when the game has been completely streamed?

The BitRaider software goes into bypass mode, and simply launches the title itself.

What platforms will it run on?

The BitRaider tech currently supports Windows XP SP2 and up, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, both 32 and 64 bit versions. We do not currently support Mac, Linux or Android. But it doesn't mean we love them any less, it just takes time.

Do I have to hit the UAC shield every time?

No, you are only asked once. It was designed from the ground up to be UAC compliant. For parents and users that have standard accounts, this means you do not have to type in a password every time your child wants to play a game.

Does the system send identifiable information about me?

No. We do not produce any form of identifiable information, and even if we were forced, we still wouldn't be able to.

What was this written in? What ports does it use to communicate with?

C++ and Assembly for the User mode side, C for the Kernel side. All communication is HTTP (Port 80). There are no specialized back end servers. It runs purely from Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and web servers.