BitRaider Launches Dynamic Streaming Download Technology for Android™ Games.

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New software allows gamers to start playing nine times faster than traditional download methods.

BitRaider today announced the official launch of their streaming download technology for Android. Utilizing BitRaider’s proprietary software, Android video game publishers are now able to deliver a playable version of their game up to nine times faster without all of the storage space needed, dramatically increasing player conversion by simply allowing them to start playing faster and using only the space they need for the portions they are playing.

“With millions of players of currently using BitRaider technology on the PC, it made sense to port our technology to Android.” said Royal O’Brien, CEO of BitRaider. During this time, the full game files are then streamed in, dynamically allocating assets as the player progresses.

As most Android devices are constrained with small storage sizes, the BitRaider patented technology allows a game to be played with only the portion of the entire file stored on the device itself. In addition, BitRaider offers a wealth of analytics data to compliment the streaming download service.

Android devices now have the same processing power as the last generation of consoles, with more storage. In addition, new VR games have significantly larger digital footprints, increasing the demand for storage on devices. “Android games have increased exponentially in size. Players don’t want to wait to start their experience. BitRaider solves this by delivering the right pieces of content at the right time, giving them what they want.” said O’Brien.

BitRaider is currently offering a free limited closed beta for a select number of Android developers.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, BitRaider has been a leader in digital distribution technology for the video games industry since 2006.

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